Is it ok if I share your work? You can share my work to any social media but always credit and link back to my page and do not crop my work.

Can I reach out to you if I find something interesting? Sure. I'm always interested in things, especially matters dealing with the earth and animals on it.

I'm a new artist and could use a push. Can I email you with art related questions? Totally. We've all been there!

Can I buy multiples of your Unicorgi plush/other product and resell them? As long as you do not try to claim credit for making my product, or falsely advertise to misinform people on who made it so they cannot find me on the internet and cause brand confusion, reselling is ok. Please know that all of my work is either Trademarked or has copyrights registered. 


Can I have your manufacturer sources? This is a big no for me. My business partner and I have 100% agreed to never share sources.

Can I copy your work or trace it? It's ok to practice in your private sketchbook to learn shapes, but please do not post online or take credit for work I have done. Building Squidbrains has taken me about 10 years so I don't appreciate traces/copies online, but I do appreciate that you like my work!

Can I request you to make a painting of my favorite pet or animal for free? Unfortunately requests and exposure do not pay for my living expenses or medical bills. I gladly take commissions though.

Can I use anything from your brand in my own branding (logo, body of work, online identity)? No. Like mentioned before, Squidbrains was built up from my own hard work and dedication. Make something you can call 100% your own and feel the gratification from that hard work. You deserve it! If you are asking to commission a graphic for a logo, that is different though and I will happily make.

Can I sell your images on a cup, tshirt etc? I am happy to wholesale merchandise to resellers, or even design something specific for you to sell. Please know a contract will be required. But do not save my images to try to resell from those. That is theft.


I am currently taking commissions and accept payment for them through Paypal. All commissions are digital and emailed to you as a high res image. If you do not have a printer I can send you a print of your painting for an additional fee. These artworks are for personal use only, not for resale. If you are looking to resell, a contract is needed and I need to know in advance before artwork is created.


All Squidbrains purchases are shipped first class with USPS, in a protective bubble mailer. All ready to ship items (enamel pins, stickers, prints etc) ship same day. Commissions ship after they are made (a quote on time will be provided to you before payment) either digitally through email or with a protective backing and sleeve, inside a bubble mailer.